Bail Is A Law and Jail Is An Exception – Salman Khan

Bail Is A Law and Jail Is An Exception .

The Honourable Bombay High Court also applied the same ratio while according bail to Salman Khan via Sessions Court .

Though too many lacuna exists in this case and even circumstancial evidences led to framing of charges under CrPc ,but the right to freedom as provided by the Constitution of India has been finally exercised by the Honourable Court .

It must be known that the following is always considered and invoked as constitutional remedy while granting bail

Article 21: Protection of life and personal liberty.

Article 22: Protection against arrest and detention in certain cases.

Another biggest factor was that , Salman Khan was already on regular bail and followed all terms and condition of the bail .

I am sharing this on legality only and not pointing out whether he was innocent or vice versa .

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