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Arguement Matters

A success in a litigation demands various factors and there is no short cut for the same . AMLEGALS is sharing only  seven tips on successful arguement during litigation as below  :

1. Be Correct on Facts

Judges are more intelligent than a litigant but a clever litigant should disclose all facts correctly .

 2. Be  Precise

 Judges love clarity in arguements . Be precise & never try to overshadow their queries .

3. Be Positive In Arguements

Judges including a layman will also dislike  negativity  in a normal talk while positivity brings harmony .   

4. Be Well Prepared

Judges appreciate a well prepared person arguing before them rather than a person who is struggling with his/her  brief .   

Since ,nobody will like to see an actor who can’t deliver the dialogues properly .

5. Be Helpful

 Judges like that advocate who assist the court with correct law to decide a case .

 6. Be An Attentive Listener 

 Judges always appreciate a  person listening attentively. Don’t simply repeat the  words to them. Rather use your own words to show that you have heard attentively .

7.Be Polite

Judges always appreciate a polite advocate rather than a rude person speaking before them .

  This is an academic article from AMLEGALS.

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