Rajya Sabha Passes Five Bills including Finance Bill, 2016

Rajya Sabha has passed  5 bills on  11th May 2016  . The passed bills are as below :
i) Finance Bill, 2016,
ii)The Appropriation (No 2) Bill, 2016,
iii)The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016,
iv)The Rajendra Central Agricultural University Bill, 2015 and
v) The Indian Trusts (Amendment) Bill 2015.
It is pertinent to note that the last two bills were passed even without any discussion. 
The New Bankruptcy Code will help banks to take on defaulters and will work as big tool for banks .Whereas, as a record, both the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha passed the bill  to upgrade the Rajendra Agricultural University  on the same single day . Further , another record is that all five bills were passed in post lunch period by Rajya Sabha.
Whereas, the most awaited  GST Bill is still a dream bill which is yet to be passed by Rajya Sabha. Again, the buget session failed to get the GST Bill pass this time as well. But, the Central  Govt is still confident of passing GST Bill in monsoon session . It must be known that by monsoon session the strength of Congress will be reduced from 65 members to 52 members due to the fact that  13 of its MPs will  retire.

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