Are You Preventing Disputes Or Interested in Fighting Litigations ONLY

Law Firm To Prevent Dispute and Litigation

Prevent Dispute Before It Becomes A Litigation

The time has come when companies should be serious to spend on preventing disputes by hiring law firms rather than hiring them later for fighting litigations with bulky professional bills.
It is a well known fact that the in-house counsel and legal department of companies around the world are occupied to handle litigations on daily basis .
It is pertinent to note that every dispute is not a litigation but every litigation arises out of a dispute which was not tackled properly.
Often law firms are hired to handle litigations whereas, the priority should be to hire the law firms to prevent the onset of litigations. There is an imperative  need to change the mindset to tackle disputes and contain them before they become a litigation.
Further , the focus to prevent dispute will also result in reducing bulky spending on litigations,bad debts  and will also enhance the productivity alongwith turn around time of work .
Infact , there are various smart legal strategies which  if deployed properly, timely and on regular basis ,  can prevent disputes as well as litigations in an unbelievable drastic manner.

Law firm implements by  teaming up and working closely with the inhouse counsel and legal department of a company  in a continous manner.

It starts with identification of the problems, segregation of nature of problems , finding legal remedies  & deployment of legal strategies to tackle and contain the disputes  at the right time .
The process is continous so that the damages are minimum and emergence of an unforeseen litigation can be avoided .

The motto should be to tackle a dispute through a law firm rather than appraoching a law firm , later on, to handle a   litigation emerged out of the same dispute . 

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