Yahoo Gets Indian Patent for Invention to Classify Image

Yahoo has finally obtained  an Indian patent for an invention regarding a method for processing image data for the purpose of classifying the images into either graph or photograph .

Yahoo filed the patent application way back in 2005  for the invention, titled ‘Method of processing image data for purposes of classifying an image represented by the image data’.

The invention has following features :

a.the patent invention is directed towards a method of processing image data by first processing the colour image data to generate a gray-scale image data, determining measures based on the frequency of occurrence of each gray-scale value in the gray-scale image data, and classifying the colour image data as a type of image data based on the measures.

b.the patent invention further consists of a method and apparatus for processing image data. The colour image data is processed to generate gray scale image data, which may comprise a set of data values. Each data value, of the set of data values, may identify a gray-scale value.

c.numerous situations exist where a system treats a photograph differently from a graphic and thus it would be desirable for the system to know whether a particular digital image is photograph or a graphic. Thus, it would be advantageous to determine whether a particular image is a photograph or a graphic because certain types of digital processing may not need to be performed if the digital image is a graphic.

d.a frequency distribution that indicates a frequency of occurrence of each gray-scale value, is determined, following which the uniformity of the frequency distribution is also detected.

This patent is very prominent since Yahoo is one of the major players in the domains of maps and internet search activities and different types of digital images may satisfy a keyword search.


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