GST In India

GST in India                                                                              GST Profs

Know everything about GST in India. Please keep referring to the present section for continous updation and detailed analysis on GST in India:( To read, please click on the following links )

GST in India

GST in India

GST Implementation in India Is A Half Hearted Attempt
GST Era -Responsibility & Role of Finance & Accounts Department of Every Organisation or Company
Nagaland Assembly became 8th State to ratify GST Bill
GST Implementation in An Organisation
GST Implementation- Is It Too Early Or Uncertain
GST Stages Before April,2017
GST Stages Before April,2017
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Goods and Services Tax (GST) -released on3rd August 2016 by Ministry of Finance .
GST Bill Finally Passed on 3rd August 2016

GST Bill May Pass But Can Again Face Parliament As Finance Bill

GST Compliance During Transition

Are You GST Compliant

 Are You Prepared For GST in India

GST Bill In Rajya Sabha Versus Revenue Neutral Rate

Revenue Neutral Rate
Salient Features of the Constitution (122nd Amendment) Bill, 2014

Deadly Provisions Of The Draft Goods & Service Tax (GST)Act,2016 -I

Tax Reforms And GST

Draft GST Act,2016

Power, Coal & Natural Gas Versus GST

Standard GST Rates @17-18% and GST Revenue Neutral Rate @ 15-15.5%- CEA Led Panel Recommends to FM

GST May lower product Costs Upto 10%

GST – Negligible Exemptions Are On Card

No GST On Petrol and Other Petroleum Products

Whether GST Payabale Addtionally If Contract Is Silent 

Goods & Service Tax (GST) Implementations So Far – Part II

Goods & Service Tax (GST) Implementations So Far  – Part I

Goods & Service Tax via Dual GST & GST Council Era Part – I

What is Goods & Service Tax ” As Per Supreme Court of Canada

Keep visiting this dedicated section on GST in India and update your knowledge on GST. We shall be further sharing various e-books on GST in India.

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Are You GST Compliant
GST Advisory

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