14 States and 1 Capital Union Territory Ratify GST Bill

14 States and 1 Capital Union Territory Ratify GST Bill
Goa became the 14th State  on 31st August 2016, while Sikkim was 13th to ratify the GST Bill on 30th August 2016 in their respectivestate assemblies.
Mizoram became 12th State to ratify GST Bill on 30th August 2016. So the total figure has reached to 13 alongwith Delhi(U.T). Goa, Rajasthan and Odissa are also expected to ratify in few days.
It must be noted that Rajya Sabha passed the Bill on 3rd August 2016 and the same was again pased with amendments by Lok Sabha on 8th August 2016.
The State Assemblies which have ratified the GST Bill so far are as below :
1. Assam (12 August 2016)
2. Bihar (16 August 2016)
3. Jharkhand (17 August 2016)
4. Himachal Pradesh & Chattisgarh (22 August 2016)
5. Gujarat (23 August 2016)
6.  Madhya Pradesh (24th August 2016)
7. Nagaland (26th August 2016)
8. Maharashtra & Haryana (29th August 2016)
9. Telangana ,Mizoram & Sikkim( 30th August 2016)
10. Goa ( 31st August 2016)
Capital Union Teritory
  1. Delhi (24th August 2016)
Puducherry a union territory is also expected to ratify by 10th September 2016.
It should be noted that  at least 16 of 29 state assemblies and two union territories have got to ratify the GST Bill in their respective asemblies before it can touch the floor of parliament in winter session.Hence, 2 States and 1 Union Territory are still remaining as on 31st August 2016 to pave the real way for such a big transition in India.

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