Impact of GST on products, services and/or industries

Impact of GST on Products, Services and/or Industries

impact of GST

Impact of GST

Post GST era, Airlines may have to bear additional tax burden of Rs 15,000 crore due to levy of  GST.
Have you got a serious opportunity to check and realise as to what will be the actual impact on your products, services and/or industry ?

Is there any additional liability waiting ?
Is the credit via ITC route a winning factor for your industry ?
Whether a hidden loss will evolve ?
Can the anti profiteering move sideline your profits or can endanger you ?
Is there any serious implication or required change to cope with GST ?
If not , then it’s time to explore further on GST implications in practical manner.
AMLEGALS perceive that GST is a sure tax
Hence, it is never too early to work on GST when GST is going to be a Tax of reality anytime between 1st April 2017 to 1st July 2017 practically but not later than 15th September 2017.
We support every industry !
We support every vision !!
We support long term mission !!!
We are here to help you , in hand holded manner,  to address every critical and unforseen questions and aspects related to GST implications related to your products, services and/or industry.
It’s very easy to connect with us through gst@amlegals.com .

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