GST Rate Slabs

GST Rate Slabs
The  GST rate slabs which is emerging to be imposed on various sectors are as below :
2. Banking-18%
3.Financial Services-18%
6.Restaurant Dining – 18%
7. Education-12%
8.Healthcare -12%
9. Construction of Affordable Housing-12%.

The levy of  of 18% GST on telecom, banking, financial services, dining & aviation will result more burden on consumers and hence rates of such servcies to end consumers wil increase.

The healthcare services , education and construction of affordable housing wil fall under the 12% GST rate slab. Lower rate will  bring relief to the poorest of teh poor people as well.
The meeting of GST Council on 18th February 2017 shall be another critical meeting on laws and GST rates .

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