GST Training in India

GST Training in India
GST will be a new tax but industry in India cannot remain new to GST anymore.
It is pertinent to note that basic GST is known to everyone. But,the time has come when every tax professional and persons handling indirect taxes and finance need to understand the nitty gritty of  GST.
The industry in India needs to gear up to match the date of implementation of GST by 1st July 2017. Therefore, for understanding the law of GST and also willing to undergo GST training .
Purpose of  GST Training
The purpose of GST training is to understand the impact and implication of GST on  business transactions in each and every industry in India
We are training corporates who are looking for an advanced level of training in GST at par the standard of international GST.

Further, the GST training level is most advanced in the industry so that the following can be covered :

a. Compliance of law & procedures
b. Preparation in time
c. Safeguards & precaution
d. Nature of supply & Implication
e.Input Tax Eligibility & Optimisation
f.Contractual liabilities
g.Pre & Post GST implications
h.Areas of disputes & litigations
i. Settled law in other GST countries etc
j. Sectorial impact in detail
k. Best prevailing practices in GST round the world
l. Department role & co-ordination under GST etc 
AMLEGALS believes in complete training rather than merely training for the purpose of renedering training.
Who Should Undergo GST Training
GST is a tax which will have impact on indirect tax persons, finance, procurement, logistics, costing & IT persons .
However, marketing and strategy makers should also undergo GST training from time to time so that new mindset is created under the tax regime of GST .
Our Law firm associate with corporates to impart GST training in India.We can be contacted for GST Corporate Training & /or  In House Training, in any city of India, on gst@amlegals.com .

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