Are You GST Compliant
After the implementation of GST, the biggest question before every existing asessee of Indirect tax and upcoming new assessee under GST regime will how to make compliance of GST.
The saga of GST compliance is un-ending since it will have various implications and one has to be ready for filing more returns under the tenure of GST.
It must be noted that in the history of indirect taxes, GST is going to be highly compliance law than ever.

Are You GST Compliant

Are You GST Compliant

Pre-GST Era
At present, tentatively the following returns are to filed under different heads:
i) ER1 
ii) ER 4 
 Service Tax
i) ST 3
ii) Annual Return
VAT ( State wise) 
i) Monthly/Quarterly Returns
ii) Annual Return
iii) Audit Reports

Post GST Era

GSTR1 – Outword supplies ( it will show datas of sales, stock transfer & export )
GSTR 2- Inward supplies (purcahses and import )
GSTR3 – consolidated return of outward and inward supply information 
GSTR 8- Annual Return 

New Laws in Post GST era
Further, in Post GST era, the following laws may likely to exist :
a. GST Act
c.GST Rules
d.IGST Rules
e.30 statewise SGST laws
f.GST Council Regulations or Rules expected.
Hence, the GST will be a time testing law and an assessee have got to be vigil for its compliance.Hence, everyone has to ask themself  ” Are You GST Compliant

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