GST Retainership – GST Advisory & Consultancy
AMLEGALS extends GST retainership for GST Advisory & Consultancy services for every company to suit their budget .
GST in India will be a reality from 01.04.2017. We have devised various GST retainership packages for companies in various verticals of business.
Our GST retainership is supported by GST experts and advisors to ensure that every provisions and law of GST law is implemented in perfect manner.

GST Retainership

GST Retainership

The GST will have various phases and our GST consultancy is designed to handle all such aspects right from Pre-GST phase to Post GST phase.
The retainership for GST starts in Pre transition stage which includes GST training, GST impact anaylsis, implications of GST on every business transactions, hand held guidance on GST implementation etc in an organisation.
AMLEGALS renders advisory & consultancy on every GST  problems,  optimising the tax structure, precautions to avoid litigation and prevent unforeseen liabilities  at various stages of implementation of GST. Our retainership in GST also includes handling litigation in GST regime.
Accolades :
  • AMLEGALS is a law firm included in most prestigious LEGAL 500.
  • AMLEGALS is an  “EXCLUSIVE TAX LAW Recommended Law Firm in India” by Global Law Experts.
  • AMLEGALS has been bestowed with International Expert Advisory Award for being “Indirect Tax Firm for India, 2016″


To know more about retainership under GST, please write to Our GST advisors shall be happy to guide and help you in every aspect of GST.

Our Retainership For Every Company
GST Retainership
We support every company for GST.
We support every budget for GST.    
We support  macro level analysis  under GST regime . 
AMLEGALS is committed to support & advise for a litigation free GST Retainership.

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