AMLEGALS is a leading full service law firm with major focus on International Trade Laws when it comes to business  in International Arena . We are advising and handling disputes arising in business transactions under international trade &  customs  .

Our team has rich experience in international trade laws relating to remedial measures like anti-dumping, anti-subsidy ,FEMA , safeguard measures etc . Our law firm has had been engaged by clients from China, Australia , Singapore, UAE, Japan, Israel  USA, UK, Russia, etc on regular basis .

We have emerged as  the  most cost-effective legal advisory law firm in India for the Indian &  international trade community. We handle advisory in Export & Import Laws and procedures,  drafting & legal vetting of international trade contracts etc.

We represent various companies through out the world for their dispute in India beside advising Indian companies on international trade laws .We have associate in various parts of the world .by making associates world. We enjoy cream clientele and reputation in India  and International Arbitration arising out of international trade.

Our Lawyers advises importers and exporters , of various countries including India , who had to face various issues in international trade be it customs law , foreign exchange laws , import & export procedures , international trade regulation, anti dumping duty etc in India or in other parts of the world  .

AMLEGALS render the advisory & litigation  services in International Trade laws & Customs  to exporters and importers of various countries :

a.Litigation  – handling litigation in various quasi-judicial authorities , appellate authorities, High Courts of various states of India and the Supreme Court of India.

b.Commercial Agreements – Commercial legal documentation & vetting for International trade etc ,

c.Advisory & Presentation – Disputes in International Trade laws, customs ,  etc,

d.Anti Dumping Duty Authority – Advisory ,filling and responding to anti-dumping petitions, responding to questionnaires, representation before designated authority etc ,

e.Customs Disputes & Appeals – Reply to show cause notices notices , advise on provisional duty & clearences, attending personal hearings during adjudication process & appeals in courts of law .

f.Ex parte Counsel Opinion – We advise companies before they enter into international trade into India or indian companies in other parts of teh world for do’s & dont’s .

g.Foreign Exchange -Issues including violations , remedy etc .

h.Insurance – advisory on claims, disputes & remedy in insurance disputes.

i.Maritime & International Arbitrationreplying, appearing , defending  & handling arbitral proceedings .

j. Debt Recovery in India for foreign exporters 

AMLEGSALS  team provides research support, advisory  services & litigation remedy to foreign exporters, Indian exporters & importers etc . Feel free to connect with us on

AMLEGALS is based in India at Ahmedabad(Gujarat) with offices & associates in major city & parts  of India . It has strategic aliances with  various  law firms in different countries of the world .

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