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Anandaday Misshra is a practicing advocate with extensive experience of litigation & advisory for two decades. He regularly appears in various High Court of India. He is an advocate on record in Gujarat High Court at Ahmedabad in State of Gujarat, India.
He has led diverse assignments in various laws. His focus areas of practice are Indirect Taxes – GST, Customs, Anti Dumping, FTP, Arbitration, Corporate Laws & IPR.
For almost two decades, he has had advised various domestic and international clients and handled diverse litigation and arbitration matters. He is considered to be one of the leading advocate of India in Arbitration, Corporate laws, Indirect taxes,Customs,Anti Dumping & IBC.
He has a vast experience in Indirect taxes – GST. He is an eminent speaker on various laws including GST. He is an avid author & his articles exclusively on GST are continuously published in various prominent magazines, journals, websites etc.
He founded  AMLEGALS  with a motto that 
Give justice to the case in hand first, before Court grants justice & 
Strategy matters the most in every litigation 
His law firm i.e AMLEGALS handles legal issues of domestic and international companies from different parts of the world.


Some of his write-ups are as below :
Is Litigation Strategy Really Important?
Supreme Court on Nokia Composite Pack vs Battery Charger As An Accessory -An Analysis!
Seven Tips On Successful Argument!
Time Bound Disposal of Arbitral Proceedings In India.
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Date:September 4, 2014

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