Legal Outsourcing Services In India
AMLEGALS, a full service law firm based at Ahmedabad, Gujarat in India   renders  legal outsourcing services to various companies and law firms situated outside India .
Our law firm processes outsourced foreign law work in India by deployment of best advocates with reduced cost and increased efficiency .
Outsourced Legal Services – Introduction and Explanation
  1. Legal Outsourcing Services in India
Our outsourcing services includes :
  • Contract & Agreement drafting
  • Drafting of Documents i.e legal briefs and memoranda
  • Legal Pleadings
  • Legal research including factual research
  • IP legal work, substantive or administrative
  • Review & vetting of legal documents
  • Providing legal analysis of issues presented by the client’s set of facts
 2.Benefits of Legal Outsourcing Services in India
The benefits of availing legal outsourcing services from law firm in India are as below :
i) best & talented advocates ,
ii) quality of work ,
iii) less turn around time ,
iv) similarity in laws ,
v) acumen in work
vi) highest standard and ethical working with confidentiality
vii) cost effectiveness and value for money
viii) fluency in spoken and written english
ix) good interpretation and effective drafting skill
x) flexible mode of working and delivery of assignments
xi) technology enabled communications
xii) competitive intelligence
xiii) proficient in various jurisdictional laws
xiv) best geographical location ,etc
3.Who Avails Our Service of Legal Outsourcing
Our law firm in India is working closely with the following :
a.In-house Counsels and legal departments of International Companies
b.International Law Firms
4. Our Clients For Legal Outsourcing Services
Our clients for LPO services are mostly located in USA,UK, Canada , Singapore & Gulf Countries .
Our law firm team up with and  work closely with in-house counsels of various companies and law firms with long term perspective.
AMLEGALS is considered to be  one of the top law firm providing LPO services in India .To know more on our legal outsourcing  services ,please feel free to connect on