Litigation Strategy

Analysis, Review & Streamline Disputes By Litigation Strategy

Litigation Strategy is must to analyse, review & streamline any existing and /or upcoming dispute or litigation.
Whereas, litigation is a continuous process of study, analysis, interaction, the applicability of law, evolution, checking facts from every corner, reviewing and deploying a best legal strategy in every stage of proceedings.
A well-deployed litigation strategy has to be identified, developed and deployed at different stages  as below:

Stage 1
 Preventing Disputes -   It is the stage where the onset of the dispute has taken place and can emerge into litigation.
One's focus should be  always to prevent or to check the disputes with proper  legal strategy  in Indirect Taxes, IPR, Arbitration, Civil, Corporate, Contract, Environmental, Real Estate, Regulatory Compliances  etc.

Stage 2
Defending Disputes  -Where a dispute has already taken the shape of litigation , then it becomes a must to properly analyze and then deploy the factual and legal strategies to defend the litigation in an effective manner.
The  thrust should be always to defend a litigation with best legal framework so that Legal Strategy Can Really Work for you in any law .

Stage 3 
Continuous Research In A Dispute - The efforts up to the last minute matters the most in the litigation.
Most of the litigants give up either at the middle or adopt a lighter approach at the last stage of the litigation and which ultimately results very costly to them .
An actual research requires expertisee, lateral thinking and good time so that a proper framework in litigation can be executed with well grounded work.

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