Intellectual Property Rights 
Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property Law

IPR – Trademark, Patent, Copyright, Design

Our law firm value your intellectual property rights and ensure that it is safeguarded in every possible manner . IPR is our forte wherein we have not only advised, obtained but also successfully defended the intellectual property rights of our valuable international and national clientele.

Our  law firm considers Intellectual Property Rights as below
IPR = Advisory, Planning, Searches, Prevention,Planning, Objections, Submissions, Preparations,Strategies,Protection, Defense,Cease and Desist Notices, Infringment Suits,Caveats, Injunctions etc .
PATENTS – We draft  Patents, carry out exhaustive research for your patent claim, advise on safeguarding IPR, infringement suits etc .
TRADEMARKS – We advise, register,search, monitor and defend the trademark of businesses in India . Our firm is specialised  for all Trademark requirements be it filing TM , submission on objections on TM,  cease and desist legal notices,Caveats,Trademark infringements suits etc in India .
COPYRIGHTS & DESIGN – We strategically advise, protect and safeguard all your IPR rights over your Copyrights & Designs.
IPR Services in India
AMLEGALS is one of the most preferred IPR Attorney law firm in Ahmedabad,Bengaluru, Kolkata & New Delhi.
We strategically defend your intellectual property rights starting from IPR Registration authority to High Courts & Supreme Court of India .
For advisory, monitoring & litigation in IPR Services in India related to Trademarks (TM), copyright,designs &  Patents in Ahmedabad,Bengaluru, Kolkata & New Delhi.India, connect with  our Indian IPR Law Firm  on

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