Are You Filing Trademark Applications Cheaply Or Dangerously -II

Are You Filing Trademark Applications Cheaply Or Dangerously -II
The trademark registration is meant for business and entire business revolves around the same. Hence, it is very important to understand as to what is the significance of trademark registration for business.
The reason of sharing this write up is to educate the trademark owners that when they opt for filing an application for registration of  their trademark then they should understand the following :
  1. Trademark is an asset
  2. Trademark is a recognition
  3. Trademark is for serious business
  4. Trademark is like owning a right
  5. Trademark reflects the goodwill
  6. Trademark is not CHEAP
There is an imperative need to realise the above facts by every Trademark applicants that it is high time to understand that intellectual property will have role playing hand in any business and hence it should be handled with  proper guidance and intelligence ONLY.
Any wrong & immature move can turn costly in the process of acquiring trademark registration. If an applicant is only interested in cheapest option of filing an application for regsitration of a trademark then they have to compromise with the  quality and expertise in IPR which can be very dangerous.
We, at AMLEGALS had encountered various dangerous aspects for last many years and all such mis-happenings occurred due to the sole fact that the core thrust of the applicant was to have cheapest option of filing a trademark and also they were not aware about the seriousness behind an application for registration of trademark in India.

We shall be further publishing Part iii of this educational write up. The reason for sharing such an important aspect is to only educate about Trademark and it is not meant to insult or question the service of such online service providers.
For further details on trademark, please connect on info@amlegals.com.

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