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GSTOur Law Firm is engaged in pro active advisory & litigation to handle all GST related issues for any company in India. AMLEGALS is having full fledged experience to advise on Goods & Service Tax in Mumbai & Ahmedabad in India.
We help every company to ensure for preventive litigation in post GST era and a well strategised litigation in pre GST era. 
GST is not only a tax reform but will result in changes in competitive business as well. Hence, the role of proper advisory in GST is very prominent as any wrong move can bring unforeseen liabilities with recurring effect.
GST in India 
GST Litigation – We consider that a litigation in GST starts from an audit objection.  Hence, we are strategically involved from the stage of reply to audit itself. We handle show cause reply and appear in personal hearing, appeal to Commissioner(Appeals) and appear in personal hearing, Appeal to CESTAT(Tribunal) and appear in personal hearing, Tax appeals in High Courts and appear in personal hearing, etc., in Mumbai & Ahmedabad.
Our advocates and consultants are one of the best in GST i.e. indirect tax fraternity to handle litigations.
Our founder is a prominent GST expert and has authored a book on GST.
We try to simplify the issue, gather maximum evidences on record with alternative options, carry out extensive research, analyse the facts and deploy every strategic aspects so that legality finally works for you.
We also handle issues for Advance Ruling, matters for Settlement Commission & Compounding of offences under Goods & Services Tax etc. 

Advisory – Corporates, MNC’s and even SME’s have in house  tax professionals to look after the GST implications . But, an advise from tax practitioners and advocates appearing in courts of law can really make a difference. Advisory services work at par the protected move wherein you know what can be the implications and what are the safeguards in the event of any unforeseen liability.

Goods & Services Tax Advisory & Litigation – Goods & Services Tax is a new tax. Hence, GST  will have  severe implications especially for construction companies, engineering companies, turnkey projects cum works contracts, service providers etc. A stitch in time can save huge liability.
We are hired to prevent disputes in indirect Tax by MNC’s, Corporates, Service Providers etc .
We analyse, suggest & implement best practices for a service provider so that service providers are able to avoid litigation. We ensure for the proper compliance and service tax structuring with a resultant optimization of Input Tax Credit as well.

Input Tax Credit (ITC) Optimisation – We advise to optimize Input Tax Credit availment .All safeguards are taken while availing the Input tax credit to the maximum possible level .
ITC  optimization is best recommended for the companies which have various operational units , multi location contracts , Input Service Distribution, different sort of transactions etc . Companies with all sort of units i.e SEZ, 100% EOU and DTA units are highly recommended for input tax credit optimisation.

Ex Parte Counsel Opinion – We render ex-parte counsel opinion to companies from almost every industry for Goods & Services Taxes (previoulsy excise, service tax & VAT) . We are often approached for second opinion on critical issues especially for service tax in India.
Our written opinions are based on an in-depth analysis of the issue and always well supported with reasoning, research and case laws.
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Tax Accolades
AMLEGALS is an  “EXCLUSIVE TAX LAW Recommended Law Firm in India” by Global Law Experts.
AMLEGALS has been bestowed with International Expert Advisory Award for being “Indirect Tax Firm for India”
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