Are You Prepared For GST in India

Are You Prepared For GST in India                                                                   GST Profs
AMLEGALS, a GST Advisory & Tax Litigation  Law Firm in India, anticipates that the following challenges shall be before every Corporate, MNC & International Company in India during the tenure of  “Pre and Post implementation of GST” in India :
Pre GST Implementation
  1. Transactions Review
  2. Training Manpower
  3. Cost Effectiveness in Inventory , logistics & Final goods
  4. Business Planning with anticipation of new tax structure with competition
  5. ERP Implementation
  6. Transitional Preparedness
  7. maintaining business calculations & synergy
  8. Reconciliation of credits and stocks
  9. Implications of Agreements and Contracts entered in Pre GST era but to be executed in Post GST era 
Above all , there is no relaxation provision in implementation of law and discharging tax liability .
Get Ready For GST

Get Ready For GST

Post GST Implementation
  1. Fastest Implementation & Transition to GST
  2. Procurement and Purchase Orders Implementation
  3. New IT Technology & Operating Procedures
  4. Invoicing Patterns
  5. Proper Implementation of GST Transition in input stage credit
  6. Stock conciliation
  7. Strong mechanism of Internal Audit in GST
  8. tax management versus business operations
  9. various misc provisions, etc 
One has to take all steps to ensure that no dispute arises during transition and thereafter . If precauations and safeguards are not taken,well in time ,during the pre and post implementation period of   GST regime , then the  possibility of litigation, due to ignorance and/ or non implementation , cannot be ruled out.
The pro-active approach with continous hand holding guidance from expert GST professionals for proper implemenation and training of manpower  can prevent many uforeseen liabilities.

AMLEGALS is a GST Advisory & Tax Litigation  Law Firm in India prepares you to face this transition easily and without any litigation under GST regime .
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  • AMLEGALS is an  “EXCLUSIVE TAX LAW Recommended Law Firm in India” by Global Law Experts.


  • AMLEGALS has been bestowed with International Expert Advisory Award for being “Indirect Tax Firm for India, 2016″

GST Advisory 
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