Are You Filing Trademark Applications Cheaply Or Dangerously -I

Are You Filing Trademark Applications Cheaply Or Dangerously -I
Everyday trademark applications are being filed in India for registration of various shapes, logo, mark, expression etc as their trademark in India.
Unfortunately, the maximum filing of trademark applications in India is being done with an emphasis that the filing cost should be the cheapest. Therefore, various service providers are available online to provide the service of filing trademark applications at the cheapest possible cost.
Whereas, such trademark applicants  are very happy to opt the filing services at the cheapest cost even without knowing that their trademark applications are resulting the following:
  1. filing forthe sake of filing Trademark application
  2. filing without proper description
  3. filing without proper class
  4. filing without proper searches
  5. filing without proper mentioning of prior usage
  6. filing without proper documents & safeguards
  7. filing for objections
  8. filing in stereo type manner
  9. filing without knowing about the errors and process of law
  10. filing without proper status follow-up
  11. filing without knowing as to what will be remedy in case of objection 
  12. filing without knowing whether and when their application has been published
  13. filing without knowing as to what will be the next stage after filing applications
  14. filing for creating a business asset in a casual manner.
The applicants are opting such dangerous options only to save money coupled with a myth that the application form for registering form is very simple and it can be filed by any person so why to pay more for filing a trademark application.
Whereas, it must be known to the applicants who are willing to register trademark in India that registration of an Intellectual Property Right requires a serious effort and applications have to be filed in very cautious manner through an IPR expert.
The applicants should change their mindset otherwise filing trademark applications with cheapest options are not only dangerous but also suicidal.
It is pertinent to realize that acquiring an IPR asset i.e. Trademark for running a business itself is a serious business aspect so it cannot be done with a mentality of cheapest option.
The moot question which arises is whether a trademark itself is so cheap that cheapest options are explored by any applicant. 

We shall be further publishing Part ii & iii of this educational write up. The reason for sharing such an important aspect is to only educate about Trademark and it is not meant to insult or question the service of such online service providers.
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