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IPR services of our law firm are based upon the technical, legal & industrial expertise in the domain of IPR.
The law firm renders the following IPR services :
A. Searches & Due Diligence
-Trademark & Patent searches
-Trademark & Patent status
Legal intelligence in IPR

B.Monitoring & Reporting
– Protection of brand identities
-Management of intellectual property portfolios(IPR Management
C.Filing, Drafting & Registration

 IPR services

D.IPR Protection in India & other Countries
It’s a constant process for the companies who really care for their IPR.
E. Litigation Support
-Cease & Desist Legal Notices
-Reply to Registry
-Oppositions including pre grant and post grant oppositions,
– Appeals
-Infringement actions
IPR is an asset to a company and we simply help them to create, retain and maintain those assets. 
AMLEGALS understand the nerve of IPR and blend it with the nature of the business of clients to implement IPR strategically.

The IPR legal services are for Indian and international companies.
Our Law firm supports filing under Madrid Protocol  for  international Trademark Registration.
Our IPR team has experienced lawyers who value intellectual property rights and understand the nerve of IP and its significance in any business. We adopt every possible long-term strategy for IPR management.
We have experience in handling IPR issues related to every business sector.
To know more on our expertise IPR services of our law firm in India, please connect on info@amlegals.com.
We render our strategic IPR services in Ahmedabad, Mumbai, New Delhi & Kolkata.

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