Litigation Strategy

Analysis, Review & Streamline Disputes By Litigation Strategy

Litigation Strategy is must to analyse, review & streamline any existing and /or upcoming dispute or litigation .
Whereas, a litigation is a continous process of study, analysis, interaction, applicability of law, evolution, checking facts from every corner, reviewing and deploying best legal strategy in every stage of proceedings.
A well deployed litigaton strategy has to be identified, developed and deployed at different stages  as below :

Stage 1
 Preventing Disputes -   It is the stage where the onset of dispute has taken place and can emerge into a litigation  .
One's focus should be  always to prevent or to check the disputes with proper  legal strategy  in Indirect Taxes, IPR, Arbitration, Civil, Corporate, Contract, Environmental, Real Estate, Regulatory Compliances  etc.

Stage 2
Defending Disputes  -Where a dispute has already taken the shape of a litigation , then it becomes a must to properly  analyse and then  deploy the  factual and legal strategies to defend the litigation in an effective manner .
The  thrust should be always to defend a litigation with best legal framework so that  Legal Strategy Can Really Work for you in any law .

Stage 3 
Continous Research In A Dispute - The efforts upto the last minute matters the most in the litigation .
Most of the litigants give up either at the middle or adopt a lighter approach at the last stage of the litigation and which ultimately results very costly to them .
An actual research requires expertisee, lateral thinking and good time so that a proper framework in litigation can be executed with well grounded work .

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