Applications To NCLT                          
The NCLT has been vested with the powers to grant various reliefs under Companies Act,2013, as amended.
The  prominent applications to NCLT are as below :
a.Conversion of public company into a private company under Section Sec. 14 (1) .
b.Application for change in financial year under Section 2 (41) .
c.Application by company for voluntary revision of financial statement on Board’s report under Section131 (1) .
d.Application to Tribunal for investigation into company affairs under Section  213 .
e.Application for appointment as Managing Director under Section Sec. 243 (1) (b).
f.Application in cases of oppression and mismanagement under Section 241 (1) .
g.Appeal for rectification of register of member under Section 59 .
h.Application for calling of Annual General meeting under Section 97 (1) .
i.Application for compounding of certain offences under Section 441 .
j.Petition to pass an order directing immediate inspection of minutes books or directing a copy thereof be sent forthwith to person requiring it under Section 119 (4) .
Applications with Affidavit
As per Rule 34(4) of NCLT Rules,2016, every application including interlocutory application to NCLT shall have to filed with an affidavit under Form No. NCLT 6.
Applications in Triplicate 
The applications to NCLT is required to file application in triplicate and shall deliver one copy to the opposite party as well.
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