Contracts & Agreements- Drafting & Vetting
AMLEGALS is one of the leading & prominent law firm for drafting & vetting of Contracts & Agreements  In India .
Contracts & Agreements are soul of any business
While drafting any contract or agreement ,the emphasis should be to incorporate ATLEAST the following:
a. clarity in definitions
b. documentation to support every stage or completion and/or milestone
c.  nature of transactons with anticipations
d. categorical commercial terms
e. clear obligations of both the parties
f.   non dislcousure & IPR safeguard
g. arbitration & jurisdiction etc.,

amongst various clauses of any contract or agreement.

If one fails to incorporate business concerns in an agreement or contract, then that business should be ready to face litigation(s) for sure.
Contracts & Agreements- Drafting & VettingWhereas, the objective in drafting and/or carrying out legal vetting of any contract and agreement should  be as below :
closing all corners
AMLEGALS belives that some of the dispute arises due to the following reasons :
a. copy paste drafting
b. fitting service agreement into selling agreement and vice versa
c. non addressal of implications under a categorical sector
d. non anticipiations of issues arising during execution
e. non consideration of importance of documents in every stage of EPC, works contracts etc .

AMLEGALS strongly emphasise that it is the time when every business should understand about the seriousness in drafting and vetting of contracts and agreements in order to safegurad and prevent the onset of dispute .
More than 55% times, the construction of a contract and agreement results the fate of a litigation or an arbitral proceeding.
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