What An In-House Counsel Looks Before Hiring A Law Firm
The sine qua non of hiring a law firm ,from the perspective of any in-house counsel, are as below :
In House Counsel & Law Firms

In House Counsel & Law Firms

  1. A law firm which has an in-depth business and industry understanding.
  2. A law firm which involves  itself with the company and try to understand the nitty gritty of transactions involved and related to any specific issue and industry.
  3. A law firm which takes pain to understand through outside research, internal research, requesting information from clients and discussions with clients on constant basis rather than giving advice on half known facts and implications .
  4. A law firm which has focus to achieve the specific business goal of its clients .
  5. A law firm which is committed to the work in hand .
  6. A law firm which always care to communicate on regular basis.
  7. A law firm which not only advises but render a pro active advise to safeguard the best interest of its client .
  8. A law firm which cautions and avers the business risk involved in any transaction in a new or existing market.
  9. A law firm which, in advance, abreasts of all the risk and implications of a legal issue.
  10. A law firm which is innovative and deploy best legal strategies on constant basis .
  11. A law firm which always strive to prevent the onset of a litigation out of a dispute.
  12. A law firm which implements continous legal education for their client.
  13. A law firm which always update the client about stage of cases,arguments, notices,proceedings etc with highest level of  transparency . 
  14. A law firm which handles a matter through its senior advocates and attorneys rather than assigning to its less experienced and junior advocates and attorneys.
  15. Hiring A Law Firm

    Hiring A Law Firm

  16. A law firm which suggests its client for improving their businesses, rather than making legal observations only. 
  17. A law firm which has an inbuilt culture of long term commitment and professional relationship with their client.
  18. A law firm which constantly review the case and issues of its existing client rather than attending at eleventh hour .
  19. A law firm which satisfies the legal decision makers  to understand which factors pose a threat to their business, industry and their specific business objectives .

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