Litigation in India can be a lengthy process which results into heavy expenses and delay in proceedings.
In a hierarchy, India’s judicial system has one Supreme Court for entire country & then High Courts in each state. These courts have jurisdiction over a state, a union territory or a group of states and union territories. Further in the hierarchy are subordinate courts i.e civil courts, criminal courts, district courts, family courts etc.
A well-planned litigation strategy can help one not only to handle the litigation in India, in a proper manner but also in a most cost-effective manner coupled with the fastest possible result as well. It must be also noted that Government and even courts are encouraging litigants to opt for alternative dispute resolution.
Further, in order to encourage the ease of doing business in India, various amendments have been made in Arbitration & Conciliation Act,1956 which is now at par with International Commercial Arbitration Of late, arbitration has emerged as the most popular alternative dispute resolution method to expedite the litigation and to a reach a conclusion.
Over the years, the laws have changed in India in a drastic manner and also seen new laws evolving and implemented, be it GST laws, Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code, reforms in arbitration & conciliation act and other laws of the land.
The faster arbitration proceedings in India has resulted India emerging as the best alternate dispute resolution mechanism at par any other known arbitration destination in the world.
Litigation in India has seen a different era with Insolvency proceedings which are again carried in a very time bound manner. The National Company Tribunals set up in various parts of the Country are also working very expeditiously to bring resolution in a debt ridden company.
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