We are hired by MNC’s , Corporates etc to prevent disputes in service tax  . Oflate , we have had observed  that mindset of companies and working professionals  has changed and now they are focusing to prevent dispute . They are interested to shell out heavily on professionals who can prevent their dispute rather than spending heavily on professional fees to fight out their case.

We have various case studies wherein we have checked , reduced and contained the disputes and we are happy to claim that we always encourage MNC’s , Corporates etc  to hire professionals like us to prevent dispute .Since, unwanted penalty and interest provisions can be bring unwanted and unforeseen liabilities for any company if proper care is not taken in time.

We consider Service tax  includes the following aspects :

  •  Proper discharge of service tax liability
  •  Proper availment of exemption
  •  Proper availment of Cenvat Credit
  •  Proper liaisioning with revenue department
  •  And for all the aforesaid strategy is must . We deploy all strategies to prevent disputes .

Our team consists of Advocates, Chartered Accountants , Cost Accountants and consultants to prevent dispute with their rich experience and expertise in the subject matter .

  1. To achieve a No Dispute Regime
  2.  We screen  the taxability of a ‘service’ rendered or received by you.
  3. We check the negative list services
  4. Legal vetting of agreements for rendering or receiving services
  5. We ensure that an exemption is either taken properly and if not taken then whether any exemption can be availed .
  6. We implement measures to comply with Partial Reverse Charge Mechanism in your system
  7. We check the export of Services and benefits associated with such export of services .
  8. We screen the  rendering  of service to SEZ, 100% EOU and  procedures related thereto beside situation of receiving services from 100%EOu and SEZ  as well
  9. Review of Existing and Proposed Business Transactions
  10. We review of business transaction
  11. We advise cum train personals to increase their standard so that ultimate aim of no dispute is achieved
  12. We draft replies for audit objections  and querries so that they are satisfied and no case is made accordingly .
  13.  We render  written opinion to management so that right procedure can be complied by the company.
  14.  We maximize the cenvat credit availment without any enhanced risk to the extent possible .

 Even if some litigation arises for old matters and existing , we handle the litigation matters at different stages of SCN, Commissioner(Appeals) , CESTAT and   High Courts

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