Schedule of Fees in NCLT
The fees Payable under Various Provisions of Companies Act,2013 in NCLT has been prescribed under National Company Law Tribunal Rules,2016 as notified on 21st July 2016.
The fees payable are towards various Applications, Petitions, documents etc in NCLT. The minimum fees are Rs 500 and maximum is Rs 10,000. However, Rs 5 is prescribed towards per page for obtaining a certified copy of the order passed by NCLT.
The  fees payable towards prominent applications in NCLT are as below :
a. Conversion of a public company into a private company under Section Sec. 14 (1) is Rs 5,000/-
b.Application for change in the financial year under Section 2 (41) is Rs 5,000/-
c.Application by the company for voluntary revision of financial statement on Board’s report under Section131 (1) is Rs  5,000/-
d.Application to Tribunal for an investigation into company affairs under Section  213 is Rs 5,000/-
e.Application for appointment as Managing Director under Section Sec. 243 (1) (b) is Rs 5,000/-
f.Application in cases of oppression and mismanagement under Section 241 (1) is Rs 10,000/-
g.Appeal for rectification of register of a member under Section 59 is Rs 1,000/-
h.Application for calling of Annual General meeting under Section 97 (1) is Rs 1,000/-
i. Application for compounding of certain offenses under Section 441 is Rs 1,000/-
j.An application under any other provisions specifically not mentioned here in above is Rs 1,000/-
k.Petition to pass an order directing an immediate inspection of minutes books or directing a copy thereof be sent forthwith to the person requiring it under Section 119 (4) is Rs 500/-
k.Fee for obtaining a certified true copy of the final order passed to parties other than the concerned parties under Rule 50 is Rs 5 per page
The entire fees details of NCLT can be accessed on the following link :

Assistance in NCLT
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