Real Estate

Real Estate Laws

Property development in every state is a prominent market where navigation in complex issues is a need for the new entrants as well as the already existing developers, investors, builders, lenders, corporates, etc. We at AMLEGALS provide market leading advisory services and Due Diligence across a range of services which involves Real Estate transaction.

We also advise on the stamp duties, title verification, licensing, regulatory approvals from Government and statutory authorities as well as registration based on the applicable local laws.

Contract law is one of our core areas, we also provide drafting and vetting of Rent agreements, service agreements, Sale-Purchase-Lease Agreements, Mortgage deed, etc.

We regularly represent our clients before various authorities in matters relating to land misuse disputes, land acquisition proceedings, the sale of property, leasing matters, house tax issues, and municipal rules and bylaws.

Our clients trust us to manage, lead and resolve the intricacies of their transactions and disputes, synthesizing legal and commercial knowledge to provide them with counsel that translates into successful outcomes.