Competition & Antitrust

Competition & Antitrust

We at AMLEGALS, cover the full range of competition and antitrust law issues such as:

– Merger control,

– Cartels including other anti-competitive agreements,

– Abuse of dominance/market power,

– Concession agreements,

– Interface with IPRs

– Consumer Law

– Market/sector investigations and due diligence,

– Competition and antitrust litigation,

We advise clients across the spectrum, from industry incumbents to new market challenges.

We are one of the few law firms with many of our lawyers having backgrounds in economics, business strategy or competition regulators. We believe in the practice of extensive client interaction in order to assess and highlight the risk and opportunities for the client itself.

We are privileged to represent large and small clients in industries ranging from technology and the internet, telecommunications and media, pharmaceuticals and health care, consumer products, and finance to energy, airlines, automobiles, chemicals, manufacturing, transportation, and waste disposal.

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