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India paved its way into the third of the four international export control groups when it joined the Wassenaar Arrangement in December 2017. The plenary meeting that took place from 6th-7th December 2017, decided to admit India as the 42nd participating state. This move at the international stage was then followed by a number of policies and practices adopted by the Government to boost the Indian Defence Industrial Base however, this came along with stringent compliance and regulatory measures, much owed to the nature of business governed by these policies and practices.
We at AMLEGALS have the expertise and in-depth understanding of the defence sector which allows us to predict issues and formulate strategies in a manner best suitable for the smooth operation of any given transaction.
At AMLEGALS we take care of the end to end needs of your business supporting and advising at every stage throughout the entire lifecycle of the process. We offer services and support under the following broad heads in the Defence & Aerospace sector:
Export & Regulatory Compliance
Category identification under the Indian Trade Clarification based on Harmonized System of Coding.
Drafting & filing of the application and making representation before the appropriate authority and/or concerned Ministry of the Government.
Guidance for obtaining export license from the Directorate General of Foreign Trade and/or the applicable Ministry of the Government.
Guidance for developing internal export compliance policy and/or procedure for corporates and reviewing the existing ones.
Pre-application stage to post application stage compliance guidance under the Standard Operating Procedure.
Vetting & Structuring of domestic and International Agreements in consultation with the stakeholders to observe compliance under the export control norms.
Tax optimisation and Structuring
Devising tax efficient structures for offset orders, export orders and domestic supplies.
Bid related guidance.
Revenue structuring support.
Transactional Advisory
M&A and Joint Venture Consulting.
Entity, market and deal due diligence.
RFP/EoI review
Litigation Support
All service litigation strategy and representation support.
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