AMLEGALS is a specialised trademark attorney law firm which helps company , traders, manufacturers etc secure their trademark, in India ,  by way of filing trademark aplication with Trademark Department .

We make all searches for trademark before filing trademark application (TM-1), prepare trademark applications and file for securing a Trademark for your business requirement .

AMLEGALS appear in personal hearing and submit on merits for removing any objection raised by Trademark Registry so as to ultimately obtain a registered trademark in India , Gujarat.

Every business is required to secure their trademark which ultimately makes them distinct in business amongst the competition and competitors.

Our Law firm is most preferred Trademark Attorney Law Firm by corporates, MNC’s , SME’s etc for safeguarding their intellectual rights and trademark in India .

For information on obtaining trademark (TM) , securing TM , submission on objections , filing TM infringement suits etc contact on .

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