Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code(IBC)                                          
IBC has emerged as the biggest tool to realise debts including unrealised sales proceeds i.e debts and bad debts for creditors.
IBC for Companies 
The process of IBC being fast and remedy lies with NCLT, more and more companies are opting for application to NCLT under IBC to realise their debts.
IBC for Employees
IBC has emerged as a big relieving factor for employees including ex-employees who were struggling for years to get their legitimate dues from the employers.
White Paper on IBC
insolvency and bankruptcy code
We have come out with various unattended aspects and issues of IBC under various white papers under our “Legal Intelligence Series” from time to time.
AMLEGALS has specialised team for IBC and work prominently in all NCLT’s more particularly at Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi & Kolkata and also in NCLAT, Delhi.
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