AMLEGALS, a full service law firm  which renders legal help to Chinese Companies i.e companies based in China,  doing business in India . It is well known that Chinese Companies export their manufactured goods in high quantity to India . Even, various big chinese companies are simply selling to their Indian Counterpart on the basis of relation and many times they are held up with bad debts . We help the companies of China to  take proper legal steps to recover their bad debts in India & handle their litigation under the applicable  laws so that they recover their legitimate dues . Our Law Fim advises chinese companies to carefully draft legal agreement and to carry sine qua none precautions to safeguard their business interest even before entering into any new importers based in India. Our Law Firm services have been  retained by various chinese law firms as well as chinese companies so as to take right step at the right time and even to check all litigation .

Our Legal Advisory & Litigation Services to China/Chinese Companies are as below :

a. Due Diligence Before Exporting to Indian Companies

b. Contracts &  Agreements with Indian Companies

c. Incorporation of Companies

d. Bad debts recovery

e.Advisory  on various laws in India

f. Litigation against Indian Companies in Courts of India under various laws

g. Joint venture & acquisitions

h. Safeguarding Trademark & other IPR infringement issues

i. Trade & Commercial laws

j. Claims

k. Tax laws

l. Competition& Anti Trust Laws etc

AMLEGALS, the Law firm has offices and associates in entire India to advise, handle and effectively defend litigations in various forums and courts of India .

We have effective operations in every city of Gujarat i.e Ahmedabad, Surat, Baroda,Sanand,Anand, Rajkot, Vapi, Daman, Jamnagar, Dadra & Haveli beside Mumbai & Pune in Maharasthra . China Companies for any aforesaid legal services in India including disputes with Indian Companies over payment & other contractual obligations may Contact us on

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