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IBC Law Firm

AMLEGALS is one of the leading and specialised IBC law firm in India. It has a dedicated team for IBC. It handles IBC matters in NCLT at Ahmedabad & Mumbai. It also handles IBC matters prominently in other NCLT’s at New Delhi & Kolkata.
Insolvency proceedings require strategy in first hand as it is sine qua non and our IBC law firm deploys strategy under IBC to safeguard interest of creditor at any given point of time.
Reason of IBC
The idea of Introduction of IBC has taken a different shape altogether than the purpose with which it was enacted. It must be noted that sooner or later all states will require a bench to cater applications under IBC. The Honourable Supreme Court in the matter of Innoventive Versus ICICI has explained the real intent and object of IBC in India.
Filing under IBC- Companies & Employees
IBC has had been used by employees and companies to recover their debts as Creditors and this journey has just begun.
The requests for filing an application under IBC in NCLT has grown multifold from the existing and new clients on regular basis and going by the same trend it cannot be ruled out that it will grow much more in the coming days.
We found that Companies have suddenly started working on their unrealised sale proceeds and/or debt and religiously enquiring for each and every debt, under the purview of IBC, with acid test of “disputed debt” in the mind.
If our IBC law firm alone have been instrumental in filing substantively high number of applications under IBC in NCLT.
Our IBC Law firm in Mumbai & Ahmedabad anticipate that many more amendments in IBC are on the card to tackle many unprecedented situations which arosed after its introduction in December,2016.
Contact for IBC in NCLT at Mumbai, Ahmedabad, New Delhi & Kolkata
To know more on specialised IBC practice and remedies towards the defaulted debt through NCLT/NCLAT, please feel free to connect on
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