Trademark Rules,2017 in India

Trademark Rules,2017 in India
In a landmark development, the Trademark Rules, 2017 have been finally notified, by the Government of India, on 6th March, 2017. This will supersede & replace Trade Mark Rules,2002 .
The salient featues & changes under Trademark Rules,2017 can be acessed by clicking below:
Vital Changes in Trademark Rules 2017 

Trademark Rules 2017 In India

Trademark Rules,2017 In India

The aim is to simplify, digitalize, encourage, expedite the entire Trademark registration and ease in administration process as well.
 The will of the Central Government to have better IPR laws in India has finally paid off by notifying Trademark Rules, 2017 on 6th March 2017. Its foundation was laid down by putting the draft of Trademark Rules, 2015, in public domain, whereby suggestions were called upon to have an effective trademark regime in India.
 We maintain that with Trademark Rules, 2017, in the long run, our Trademark system will become more progressive, efficient and user friendly.
AMLEGALS believes that these changes would encourage a lot of foreign companies and business to protect their Trademarks in India. It will boost the ease of doing business in India by way of facilitate for ease of registration and protection of Trademarks.
The notified changes are a step in the right direction and would help bring the Indian Trademark Registration system at par with the practices prevailing in the world as well. 
The time has come when every business should realise that if IPR is not well protected in an effective and strategic manner, then it may damage the bottom line growth in mid to long term for respective businesses.

AMLEGALS maintains that IPR is an asset to a company.
We simply help businesses to strategically create, retain and maintain those assets intact.
To know more about the impact of changes in Trademark Rules,2017 in India, please feel free to connect on info@amlegals.com.

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