Arbitration In IndiaConference on Contracts & Arbitration – Precautions, Perspectives & Remedies

January 27, 20170


A Legal Conference On Contracts & Arbitration – Drafting, Precautions, Perspectives & Remedies  on 22nd April 2017(Saturday) at  AHMEDABAD,NOVOTEL. 


                         Shri Anandaday Misshra, Advocate, High Court 

                        & AMLEGALS Legal Team  ( AMLEGALS Accolades- Please Click)

The  Contract Is The Soul Of A Business Whereas Arbitration Is A Check Point of Dispute .



Unveil the Contracts To Prevent Dispute & Play Your Safeguard Factor Against All Probable Grey Areas in A Contract .

Know about every Do’s & Dont’s In A Contract .


Know about the  eye opening aspects related to every if’s, but’s, why’s, how’s, when’s & where’s of Contracts, Agreement & Arbitration .

 Know implication and MUST changes to be done after GST

Realise the following :
a. How dangerous stereotype contracts can be ?
b. How the habit of copy and paste contracts can be suicidal ?
c. How to anticipate in a Contract ?
d. How to account completion in EPC and major projects ?
e. How to tackle grey areas in a Contract ?
f. How to effectively handle an Arbitration proceedings ?
g. How to safeguard your rights during arbitration ?
h. How to explore the remedy under Section 9,11,16,17, 27 & 34 of Arbitration & Conciliation Act ?
i. How to incorporate the impact of GST in Contract & Agreement?
j. How to make documents as part and parcel of a Contract & Agreement ?


An EYE OPENING & Very Useful Conference on Contracts & Arbitration for In-house counsels,V.P/A.V.P/G.M/D.G.M/A.G.M/Managers/Dy.Managers,Legal- Executives,C.S,Professionals etc.

Schedule of Conference

10.00-11.30 a.m- Contracts

A detailed discussion on what are the DOs and DONTs while framing a contract which would also include the following:

Extensive knowledge about drafting of Contracts

Different kinds of contracts for different transactions

Disadvantages of making a stereotyped Contract for all kinds of transactions

Steps to avoid dispute under any Contract or Agreement

Recovery of bad debts arising out of a Contract

Interpretation of various clauses of a Contract

Interpretation in case of contradiction between clauses of the Contract

Precautions when entering into a Contract with an International entity

11.30 to 12- High Tea & Snacks

12.00 to 1.30 p.m- Arbitration

Arbitration clause can either be savior to your contract if drafted properly or can be an assassin to the survival of your contract if drafted poorly. The following areas would be covered so as to bring more clarity in this burning topic of Arbitration :

Drafting of the Arbitration clause under the Contract

Seat and venue of the Arbitration and other intricate details

Practical aspects in the course of Arbitration, Mediation or Conciliation

Remedies available under the Arbitration & Conciliation Act

Administered or ad hoc arbitration

Method of Selection and Number of Arbitrators

Language of the Arbitration

Arbitration Agreement needs to be Bilateral (both the party should have the right to invoke arbitration)

Specifying the governing law

Scope of disputes covered under arbitration agreement

Authority to sign an arbitration agreement

Multi-Party Arbitration

Interim measures or awards

Costs and attorney fees

Experience of the appointed arbitrator

Arbitration Agreement for existing disputes

Remedy for an unreasonable award


1.30-2.15 p.m- Lunch Break

2.15-3.30-An Eye opening Session

This session would cover the recent developments in the field of contracts and arbitration through various statutory changes as well as landmark case laws so as to get a better understanding of the subject.


3.30-4.00- Tea Break

 4.00-5.00 p.m- Contracts under GST – This session would cover the details as to how the drafting of the contract has to be modified with the new tax regime being implemented and what all things should be kept in mind to avoid disputes.

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