Tax Reforms And GST

 Tax Reforms And GST

Tax Reforms

Tax Reforms And GST" title=" Tax Reforms And GST" src="https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQWiYY24i0AWMXD5TPDFrpRbRADOOczY45pLOOP_1pS72wlpj8S" alt=" Tax Reforms And GST" width="332" height="250" /> Tax Reforms And GST

It is vey interesting to note that India has had seen various tax reforms like CENVAT & VAT . The biggest tax reform will be the much awaited Goods & Service Tax (GST) in India .
The saga of tax reforms in India and the implementation of GST in other parts of the world can be understood from the following :
1.Tax reforms started in India from 1974 i.e almost 41 years back.
2.India began talking about GST since 2007 when Mr. P. Shome  released a white paper on GST .
3.It was followed by Finance Minister of India  announcing the vision of  GST during his F.Y 2007 budget speech .
4.India committed to GATT for implementation of GST by 2009-2010 . But, we failed miserably to make a consensus amongst various states of India. 
5.So far almost 161 countries has implemented the GST worldwide.
6.The last country to implement GST was Malaysia w.e.f 1st April 2015 .
7.GST was first introduced in Singapore on 1 April 1994 and the first GST rate was  3%.
8.The GST rate in Singapore was increased to 4% in 2003 and then to 5% in 2004. At present, GST rate is 7% in Singapore .

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9.Indian GST model have framework from  Brazil and Canada . However, oflate we are influenced by Malaysia model as well.
10. The reason of following Brazil was its structure of  27 states nearing to the Indian structure .
11. Brazil has average GST rate of  17% . Whereas, Indian average rate is also going to be 17%-18% .
12. Canada had introducted GST in January 1991. It is pertinent to note that the implementation of  GST  saw controversies at par  India before GST was finally implemented in Canada . 
13.GST in India will boost the GDP of India by 2% . This  boost in GDP can be very substantial especially when European nations are struggling to achieve  a growth in GDP even by 0.5% .
Hence, GST really matters the most for real growth of India .

 Are you ready for GST in India ?

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